HEBB Downloadable Documents & Catalogs
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For your convenience and further enjoyment, we have made available current and past season information from HEBB for you to download.
HEBBThe Hebb brand is no newcomer to electric-powered lifestyle equipment.It is the goal of Hebb E-Bikes to be the most customer-focused electric bicycle company in the world.The Hebb brand is synonymous with quality, reliability, and world-class customer service.
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Your Hebb E-Bike uses a 37 volt, 10 Amp hour lithium-ion battery. When you receive your bike the battery will not be fully charged, and we recommend you start the battery charge process immediately as you should not use your E-Bike without a fully charged battery.
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Complete specifications and service recommendations for the EG500.
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HEBB eBikes Electro Glide 500 models and specifications.
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Congratulations on the purchase of your Hebb Electric bike. Youíre one step closer in realizing a whole new way of commuting that is fast, fun and friendly to the environment.

The hub motor is brushless and uses a technology called Pulse Wave Modulation control, so that itís not subject to wear like a regular DC motor. Planetary reduction gears incorporated into its hub gives it a very strong torque, working in unison with your leg power to flatten out those hills and to overcome headwinds.